Just a few testimonials received from people who made use of our transferring services.

“I have just completed a transfer from Sante to the airport with Patrick.
I wanted to commend Patrick as his vigilance and safe driving averted a potentially serious accident. The car in front of us lost a whole wheel and axle on the N1/R300 slip road. The wheel bounced in the carriage way and hit the barrier before coming back towards us. But Patrick had noticed the wobbling of the wheel , had given the car a lot of space and was driving carefully so could pull over to avoid the car and the wheel as well as to warn following traffic.
I wanted you to know so that he could be recognised for this.
Many thanks for keeping me safe.”

-Helen Ayles

“We would all like to send our sincere thanks to you for giving us a great, grand & quick tour of Franschhoek in the very short time frame we had before departing to the Free State. Your knowledge and commentary was superb. The frequent stops for photo ops was great and gave us a more detailed general view of Franschhoek.

Our best wishes to you and your family and also to everyone at Absolute Transfers for a memorable visit.”

– John V

“The driver who got me from point A to point B couldn’t have been more awesome! He was kind, polite and a great conversationalist!”

– Tiffany

“My fiancé and I enjoy making ALL the festivities and dinner parties with our friends and clients without driving. We depend on Absolute Transfers to pick us up and take us home and the service has always been excellent for us. Thanks for helping us enjoy each occasion to its fullest, safely. Keep up the good work!”

– Debbi

“Absolute Transfers is ablsolutely my favorite transfer company. They are always on time. Nice clean cars, polite drivers. Highly recommended!”

– Elanie B

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